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  • Online Virtual Training Programme-2014
    Online Virtual Training Programme is conducted by SLIDA,Colombo and Kachcheri, Vavuniya from 29.01.2014 to 30.01.2014 at District Training Centre,Kachcheri,Vavuniya. Office Mana.....
  • Criteria Programme for Public & Private Sector Employees
    Ministry of Productivity promotion conducted the programme for Public, Private & School staff on 28.01.2014, 9.00a.m at Training hall. This programme is organized by District & Div.....
  • Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission
    Notification: The land issue in Vavuniya District

    Not receive Permit or Grant for your land yet? Anyone encroach your land and refuse to handover to you? Any is.....
  • Annual Get to Gether - 2013
    Annual Get to Gether forum - 2013 hold on 31.12.2013, 11.00 a.m at Conference hall, District Secretariat, Vavuniya with the participation of Govt.Agent, Vavuniya and staffs of Dist.....
  • Basic IT training programme for GS Officers-2013
    Three days Basic IT Training Programme for Grama Sevaka officers hold at ICT Unit, Kachcheri, Vavuniya from 19.12.2013 to 23.12.2013 which is organized by Divisional Secretariat, V.....
  • Conference on Implementation Budjet-2014
    Conference on Implementation Budjet-2014 for District and Provincial officers hold on 16.12.2013 at UC Cultural Hall. In the Conference, Key addressed by Secretary Dr.P.B.Jayasunda.....
  • System Administration training programme for IT Administrator
    System Administration training programme for IT Administrator for Lanka Government Network Project for Vavuniya District Secretariat and Divisional Secretariats is Conducting by O.....